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Published: 20th December 2010
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I have long had a fetish about silky women's underwear. After 34 years of marriage and seven children, I still buy slips and stockings to wear under my normal clothes. My wife won't talk about it; I just wish she could accept my inclinations

Congratulations to you and your wife on still being happily married after 34 years of sharing silk underwear. If you have remained married for as long as this, and have had seven children, it seems rather hard to suggest that she is not accepting of your fetish. But you don't tell us whether wearing silky women's underwear is an essential feature of becoming sexually aroused and, therefore, of making love.

As you will be aware, a fetish is an abnormal preoccupation with some object; and quite commonly this is women's underclothes or bottes vernies. It becomes a nuisance only if sex is impossible without the fetish, or if your partner so dislikes it that it turns her off. Lesser degrees of a fetish are manifested by an interest in tennis skirts, schoolgirl uniforms and, presumably, by those women who have an obsession about men in uniform.

The difference between these milder levels of heightened sexual interest and an entrenched fetish is that for the former, the fetish does no more than add piquancy to an encounter; it isn't essential for it.

Women patients whose partners share your proclivity have told me that men usually approach the subject by volunteering that they envy a woman's social permission to wear silk, I must mention, VIP patrons went home with very generous gift bottes vernies of goodies, including many of P&G Beauty's newest products. whereas men have to make do with scratchy cotton boxer shorts.

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